We just wrapped up the first ever o11ycon in early August 2018. Follow @o11ycon on twitter or join our mailing list to hear first about future observability conferences.

Modern web infrastructure is built on the backs of distributed computing systems whose nodes are constantly rolling and updating with new and surprising consequences, whether you deal with them directly or indirectly. All these interlinked moving parts mean that vetting individual bits of code will never predict the whole story — you can only unearth the unexpected by testing in production.

At its most literal, “observability” is a measure of how well internal states of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs. In practice, how do you make a system more observable?

We want your perspective.

o11ycon will be a participatory, interactive, one-day conference about software observability, with talks, workshops, discussions, and show-and-tells. This is an experiment: we want to see what happens when we mix a bunch of thoughtful and interesting practitioners together.

We all practice observability in different ways, because software systems are just plain complicated. We’re excited to share our best practices and hear what you have to say. Hopefully we’ll all leave full of new insights.


You might hear “observability” most often in the context of debugging and diagnosing system outages. However, empowering your whole team (not just your devops veterans) to gain a deeper understanding of your production systems is incredibly valuable for everything from customer support to platform architecture decisions to UX research into your customers’ usage patterns.


We have an awesome lineup of practitioners on the main stage, but we’re also making plenty of space for attendees to bring their own topics, and to discuss and engage with each other.

Still have questions? Read the FAQ.

o11ycon is a single-day event hosted by the folks at honeycomb.io