o11ycon 2018 is the first seed in the culture garden of observability. We want to build community around the engineers and the teams who are figuring out the next generation of best practices for shipping better software through observability. And we would love your support.

Sponsoring o11ycon gives you the opportunity to engage with engineers from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Come support the blossoming community and join us in connecting with practitioners, leaders, experts, and engineers: folks hungry for education and sharing experiences around observability.

We do not plan to make any money from o11ycon ticketing and sponsorships. We have a base amount to make this day happen. We have “B” and “C” lists of things that will make our day an even stronger experience. We are calling on sponsors to take us to the next levels. If we get enough support that we cover our expenses, we will put extra money towards the next installment of o11ycon.


We are offering base rate packages. Please see our chart below and email

Perhaps you would like to help with a specific thing that is not on this list. As long as it does not cross boundaries of what we will not provide, we are open to creative, shareable ideas. Your thoughts may make it better for all of us. Please contact and let’s talk.

Packages ISS Juno Galileo Voyager Pioneer
Sponsorship Cost Contact Us! $15,000 USD $10,000 USD $5,000 USD $3,000 USD
Logo on shared slide, rotating during breaks
Logo on 2018 event website
Logo on printed program
Social media announcement
Logo on o11ycon totebag
Award prizes for digital raffle
Shared table for swag/marketing
Logo with video content posted after the event
Sponsored specialty cocktail during happy hour
1 drop-in ticket, 1 seat-at-the-table ticket
1 drop-in ticket


Our first garden is tiny. Most of our space is dedicated to attendee interaction, open spaces discussions, and snacks. We can offer a shared table for SWAG. We can offer you some electricity. We can give you chairs. You will need to bring your own table cloth/signage, etc. What you bring will need to be safe and take up less than 10’ square. Please talk with about your plan.


If your goal is recruiting, consider sending engineering managers. If you are a vendor, send your sales engineers as well as your technical product marketing, and even some engineers.


We are not selling speaking slots. Sponsors’ employees are welcome to submit talk proposals in our “Call For Failure” just like anyone else. Onstage content will be video-recorded, and we will add sponsors to the titles.

We will not distribute attendee contact information from o11ycon ticket sales. Do not expect badge scanning of any sort. Sponsors are allowed to collect attendee information from the attendees themselves on the day of the event.

o11ycon will run a raffle. Attendees will be invited to participate by entering their email. Sponsors who would like to participate in the raffle may bring prizes. Sponsors who choose to participate may have the information of the attendees who submit for the raffle.


o11ycon has a code of conduct to make the most of our day together and the best space we can create for a group of humans to come together. We expect our sponsors to join us in following our code of conduct.