We Came

Thanks again to all of you for coming to and participating in o11ycon2018!

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The day was made because you were there. Help us keep this torch lit as we build the future of o11ycon.

Here’s @mipsytipsy‘s post-event wrap-up with thoughts about hosting our first ever o11ycon and what’s next!

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We did video record all o11ystage sessions and have posted all but the OSSD Findings – those will be posted soon, too. We will tweet about at @o11ycon.

While you wait, you can continue listening to o11y practitioners at o11y.fm. In episode 4, Rachel and Charity ask Adam Jacob, co-founder and CTO of Chef, how the culture of DevOps has evolved both for system administrators and the companies they help build.

We love this o11ycon observability report that Anca Mosoiu from TechLiminal was so gracious to make and Dylan Schiemann shared his recap of the conference on InfoQ.com.
Daniel Golant recently posted this fantastic write up of his observations from o11ycon.

More updates coming soon!

~team o11y

o11ycon2018 was a single-day event hosted by the folks at honeycomb.io

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