We Observed

After the two open space-style discussions sessions, we wrapped the afternoon up with each group being represented by a volunteer presenter talking about their group’s findings and take-aways. Links to the presentation slides can be found below the videos.

OSSD Group Presentation Slides and Discussion Topics

o11y for non-engineers/non-experts presented by Dirk Gadsden

Testing in Production presented by Or Weis

Testing in Production presented by David Mendelovitz

Making Observability Easier to Implement

Tying Observability to Business Goals presented by Ben Hartshorne

Observability and Tracing presented by Nitzan Shapira

Observability and On-Call presented by Ezra Stevens

Creating a culture of o11y presented by Paul Czarkowski

Observability Driven Development presented by Anca Mosoiu

Discovery presented by George Chamales

Observability and Monitoring presented by Mrinal Virnave

Onboarding with Observability presented by Colin Curtin

Serverless Observability presented by Erez Berkner

On-call and PagerLife presented by Franklin Webber

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