Founder & CTO, Nylas

Nylas is the next-generation platform for building email, calendaring, and contact features into software. The Nylas API connects with over 3.5 billion inboxes, supporting full featured email, calendar, and contacts features and two-way sync. With The Nylas API, teams can focus on building the features that their customers love, while providing them with the infrastructure they need.



Co-Founder and CTO, Heptio

Joe Beda started his career at Microsoft working on Internet Explorer (he was young and naive). Throughout 7 years at Microsoft and 10 at Google, Joe has worked on GUI frameworks, real-time voice and chat, telephony, machine learning for ads, and cloud computing. Most notably, while at Google Joe started the Google Compute Engine and, along with Brendan and Craig McLuckie, created Kubernetes. Joe proudly calls Seattle home.



Assistant Professor of Computer Science, UC Santa Cruz

Peter Alvaro is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of California Santa Cruz, where he leads the Disorderly Labs research group (disorderlylabs.github.io). His research focuses on using data-centric languages and analysis techniques to build and reason about data-intensive distributed systems, in order to make them scalable, predictable and robust to the failures and nondeterminism endemic to large-scale distribution. Peter earned his PhD at UC Berkeley, where he studied with Joseph M. Hellerstein. He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER award.



Software Engineer & Engineering Manager, Honeycomb.io

Emily manages the product engineering team at Honeycomb.io. In the past, she’s worked on javascript, web perf and monitoring at companies like Bugsnag & GitHub. In her free time she organizes an unconference called AndConf, makes many checklists, and likes to talk about disaster preparedness.



Excited participant who has an observable

You are interested and curious about observability. OR you may be at expert level who actively wants to help develop culture around observability. We want you on the o11ystage for our lightning round Show-n-Tell. Submit to our Call For Failure with your observables. Show us some failure!