Hi there! Are you….?

  • a software engineer who wants to learn about observability

so you can take ownership of your code in production, understand systems, and solve mysteries when your code enters the wild?

  • interested in how observability thinking might be a paradigm shift

in how our industry approaches the software development process?

  • an observability fan

but have trouble explaining to other people/your team/your tech lead/your boss what is it or why they should care?

  • a curious brain who has heard the word “observability”

floating around the internet and want to learn more and hear real-life stories?

If so, you should let us know you’d like to be considered for a scholarship if you also:

  • usually resort to alternative methods (volunteering, churning out a sufficiently compelling talk) of getting into events due to ticket price being a gatekeeper
  • are not working for $LARGE_CORP which has the interest/capacity to invest in their employees’ careers by funding these types of opportunities
  • can’t justify expensing this conf because it’s not directly related to your career growth in upper management’s opinion, even though we know being literate in observability isn’t just for ops

These are non-requirements:

  • you don’t need to be an observability expert! honestly, observability is so new to the industry that there is a scarcity of established patterns and thoughts. that’s why we’re putting together this conf in the first place, so we can start establishing a shared language and spread the word.

Other concerns:

  • it’s ok if you’ve received scholarships or attended conferences before!
  • are you worried you are stealing an opportunity from someone else more deserving?

we find this to be a common mentality, and let me assure you, you aren’t. we are going to offer this to as many people who need it as possible, and if nothing else, at least let us know who you are so we have ability to help you decide if you might get value out of this conf.

Because o11ycon is so interactive, it’s you all coming together with your backgrounds, experiences, and insights that will MAKE this day awesome. So giving you a scholarship is a win-win, because you’ll get to participate and learn, and we get your excellent, bonus presence.

Still not sure if you should request a scholarship ticket? email or tweet @o11ycon with questions. Or if you’d like affirmation from someone who has personally had to overcome the weird cultural and self-imposed stigma of asking for help/guilt of being undeserving of opportunities, you can contact me, a veteran scholarship ticket recipient, the person writing this instead of writing code because I care about you so much, at or tweet @daiyitastic.

We are a young conference (this is our first year!) run largely by volunteers from within a small company on top of their normal jobs. I am here writing this scholarship page instead of writing code because I care about scholarship programs and think they are super important for making the dynamics of a conference better. We have so much to learn from each other, whether or not they can justify the cash for a ticket. See you there